Agung Tirta Bhuana Temple in Bekasi City, West Java Province

In Bekasi City, there is a recommended vacation destination called Agung Tirta Bhuana Temple. It is located in Jakasampurna Village and belongs to Bekasi Barat Sub-District, actually. As people may expect, the main function is to accommodate the local Hindus when it comes to worshipping and conducting religious ceremonies. However, it also has become a nice place to spend a vacation for both locals and outsiders. Visitors are allowed to explore the temple and take some photos there. Not to mention they have the chance to learn some history of it!

The Nuance
Even though Agung Tirta Bhuana Temple is considered a new construction, it is older than Agung Tamansari Halim Perdanakusuma Temple. According to the locals, the construction finished in 1991 so it remains in a good condition. Plus, the nuance is both well-maintained and serene. The temple is also surrounded by plants and trees, so the ambiance is comfortable and shady. In terms of size, it is moderate but features various ornaments. Some unique statues and carvings make it more beautiful indeed. Also, during big Hindu days, the site becomes more crowded. This becomes the best time to visit the temple, somehow.

Exploring Agung Tirta Bhuana Temple
In a nutshell, Agung Tirta Bhuana Temple has a primary function which is to accommodate the Hindu. These days, though, tourists are interested in visiting the temple either to explore the site or to watch the worshipping procession. It is true everyone is allowed to enter the temple regardless of the religion. The only consideration is related to the prime rule. The guests should wear the recommended attire and they must not litter during exploration.

Aside from exploration, tourists come to Agung Tirta Bhuana Temple in order to join a Balinese dance class. In some occasions, the management offers such class to the guests and the fee is quite cheap. For the information, the practice is conducted every Wednesday and Saturday. For outsiders, in this case, they must talk to their guide first before joining the dance class. It helps them to decide the best time and get the cheapest fee, after all.

Another reason why Agung Tirta Bhuana Temple is popular among tourists is the nuance. Once arriving at the location, tourists may feel the peaceful atmosphere right away for sure. It is because the temple is surrounded by trees and it resides in a secluded location. What tourists can hear is only the murmur of the worshipers and the sound of breezy wind. What a great place to find peace and get rid of stresses!

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How to Get There
From Bandung City, a trip to Agung Tirta Bhuana Temple may take around 2 hours and 8 minutes as the distance is 136 km. For a faster trip, it is recommended to take Purbaleunyi Highway and Raya Pantura Street. Once getting to Bekasi City, tourists only need to visit Bekasi Barat Sub-District and head to Jakasampura Village right away.

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