Galaxy Tirtamas Club in Bekasi City, West Java Province

Tons of beautiful waterparks reside in Bekasi City. That means the region is quite suitable to spend an unforgettable family recreation. Here is a reference. The name is Galaxy Tirtamas Club and it is located in Jaka Setia Village. In terms of region, it belongs to Bekasi Selatan Sub-District. The site is usually crowded during weekends and holidays, but many people also come during regular days! Most of them are local families and those who live nearby actually. The best thing is the site is located in a strategic location, so everyone is able to get to the location without problems.

The Nuance
Even though Galaxy Tirtamas Club doesn’t feature as completed water rides as other waterparks, it has ample facilities to satisfy visitors. For example, there are 4 choices of swimming pools for tourists to enjoy based on the depth and challenges. The best feature perhaps is the tall water slide with the height of around 7 meters! For kids or those who are afraid of height, though, they should use smaller and safer water slides to avoid undesirable things.

Exploring Galaxy Tirtamas Club
Before playing in Galaxy Tirtamas Club, all guests should rent a locker and leave their belongings there. After all, they don’t want to carry anything to the pools. Have no worries. Those items are safe due to the good service which is given by the management. For those who haven’t eaten anything yet, they can visit the available café and order some foods or drinks before getting in the water. Even the price is quite affordable! Still, tourists need to carry extra cash if they come during weekends or holidays as the price increases slightly.

For the information, Galaxy Tirtamas Club opens early in the morning at 7 am. In fact, it closes lately at 9 pm! That means people can even come to the site at night and swim at such distinct nuance. Aside from swimming and playing water, the guests can enjoy other activities including badminton. It is because the management provides the badminton court for tourists to rent! The thing is tourists should be early to book such facility. Otherwise, they won’t get the chance to use the field due to the high demand among people.

It is true the majority of visitors are those who live near to the site. However, during weekends, outsiders also come to the waterpark to swim, play water, or do badminton. Some people even take advantage of the nuance to simply relax with their families!

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How to Get There
The distance between Bandung City (the capital of West Java Province) and Galaxy Tirtamas Club is 135 km. That means the trip may take approximately 2 hours and 37 minutes to get there. It can even be faster if tourists take Purbaleunyi and Raya Pantura Street. First, they need to head to Bekasi City and reach Bekasi Selatan Sub-District afterward. The last thing to do is to get to Jaka Setia Village where the water park is located.

Where to Stay

  • Favehotel
  • Sakura Nayuta Guesthouse
  • Putra Mulia Hotel

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