Jababeka Botanical Garden in Bekasi City, West Java Province

A good vacation should be meaningful and refreshing. Well, in Bekasi City, tourists can find many places to enjoy a nice holiday including Jababeka Botanical Garden. As they may expect, the site offers a refreshing and comfy nature. That means it is perfect for relaxation and spending a family recreation in Indonesia. Even the location is near to a golf court, so tourists can also play the sports later. So, where is it? The location is in Sertajaya Village and it belongs to Cikarang Timur Sub-District. The local government decided to build it in order to improve the agriculture value of the region and to provide a soothing place for citizens, especially in terms of tourism.

The Nuance
What about the nuance? As people may expect, the park has a shady and refreshing atmosphere due to the presence of tons of trees and plants. There is even a sophisticated pavement on where tourists can walk during exploration. Plus, the location is on the roadside so it is quite reachable! In terms of size, the garden has a total area of about 11 hectares! It is true that, in regular days, the site looks serene as the number of visitors is low. On the other hand, it becomes more crowded at weekends or holidays as many nearby citizens come to the location to enjoy a good time with families.

Exploring Jababeka Botanical Garden
For the information, Jababeka Botanical Garden has become the pioneer in bonsai and orchid cultivation. Also, the park becomes the place where the hybridization program is applied. The fact is the local government also conducts numerous other programs there. Aside from such functional purpose, it has become a new vacation spot for both locals and outsiders. People often come to the site in the morning to feel the refreshing nuance, after all.

Once arriving at the garden, tourists may feel the refreshing atmosphere right away. The formation of shady trees makes the site more comfortable to explore. If they come early in the morning, they may see some joggers on the site. Have no worries. For those coming with a vehicle, they can park it on the available spot and start exploring the park right away. So, is it all about trees? The garden also features the famous Jababeka Golf Course! Visitors are even allowed to enjoy golfing as long as they have made the appointment beforehand.

Another common thing to do in Jababeka Botanical Garden is cycling. In this case, tourists should have prepared the bicycle beforehand. Also, the best time to do it is either in the morning or afternoon (when the atmosphere is the greatest). Plus, it should be done in a group for a merrier nuance.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Jababeka Golf Course
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How to Get There
For those coming from Bandung City, they need to spend approximately 1 hour and 48 minutes to get to Jababeka Botanical Garden. After all, the distance is 114 km. The trip becomes faster if they take Purbaleunyi Highway and Raya Pantura Street, actually. Once arriving at Bekasi City, they only need to get to Cikarang Timur Sub-District and reach Sertajaya Village afterward.

Where to Stay

  • D’khayangan Apartment
  • Nine O Hotel
  • Ecoloft Apartment
  • Antero Hotel

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