Snow World International Revo Town in Bekasi City, West Java Province

Not many people realize that Bekasi City has a unique vacation destination like Snow World International Revo Town. What is it, actually? In a nutshell, the site accommodates tourists to enjoy the cold and winter sensation. That means visitors can experience a snowy sensation without going abroad! The site is located in Pekayon Jaya Village and belongs to Bekasi Selatan Sub-District. In the past, the name was Bekasi Square. This recommended vacation spot is suitable for families and those who love new experiences!

The Nuance
As people may expect, they would enter a building in order to enjoy such winter and snowy sensation. The temperature is about minus 15 Celsius degree! It is true the snow is man-made, but it feels real! Moreover, tourists can grab it just like the real snow. Many ornaments reside there including snow-covered trees, ice statues, snowman, and many more. The best feature perhaps is a couple of ice slides! That means tourists can use a board to slide on such fun facility. The length varies, which are 10 and 16 meters actually. Overall, the nuance is just similar to that of real snowy land!

Exploring Snow World International Revo Town
The site is perfect for those who never experience a snowy weather before. Even though the snow is man-made, it feels so real! In fact, the management arranges the place professionally so it represents the real snowy landscape just like that of the foreign countries. Before entering the place, though, tourists must wear comfortable and warm attire. They are going to explore a cold snowy land, after all. Also, it is recommended to carry a camera for taking some photos inside.

Once getting inside, tourists may see several ice statues and snowman scattered in different parts of the building. These objects indeed become a perfect background for photography. Have no worries. Everyone is allowed to take pictures of them freely. For those looking for a more fun activity, they can simply grab some snow and throw them to their friends. It is just as fun as playing in the real snowy ground! What is more? The place provides two ice slides with different height for tourists to use. Make sure to follow the procedure in order to avoid accidents, though.

It is true tourists should pay an entrance fee before they all those fun activities. Despite the fact, it is a worthy expense. For the information, the place opens at noon and closes at night. Tourists only need to prepare good and warm attire in order to avoid getting cold when exploring the site later. That’s all.

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How to Get There
A trip to Snow World International Revo Town may take about 2 hours and 3 minutes if tourists come from Bandung City. It is because the distance is 132 km. Still, the trip becomes faster if they take Purbaleunyi Highway and Raya Pantura Street. Once arriving at Bekasi City, their next destination is Bekasi Selatan Sub-District. Lastly, they only need to get to Pekayon Jaya Village.

Where to Stay

  • Airy Mustika Hotel
  • Indolux Apartment
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  • Favehotel

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