Gedung Juang Tambun in Bekasi City, West Java Province

It is true each tourist has a distinct interest when it comes to a vacation. For those coming to Bekasi City, most of them are likely to visit available waterparks. However, Bekasi also owns other good places to visit. If people are into historical sites, in this case, they should come to Gedung Juang Tambun. The location is in Setiadarma Village and it belongs to Tambun Selatan Sub-District. Recently, the building has become the base of Paskibraka training and a new vacation destination for tourists. What about the past? What about the history of it?

The Nuance
Even though the building has been there for more than 100 years, it remains in a good condition. Thanks to the local government. Gedung Juang Tambun is well-maintained, so it is able to attract more tourists over time. In terms of design, the construction applies the Dutch’s architecture concept. No wonder, it was built by those invaders during the colonial era back then. Once getting inside, tourists may feel the dark and damp atmosphere. In fact, some bats live there! Despite such creepy ambiance, the building holds a significant historical value that tourists shouldn’t overlook.

Exploring Gedung Juang Tambun
The prime allure in Gedung Juang Tambun is definitely the history. After all, the building has become the part of the colonial era (especially during the reign of the Dutch). For those who want to learn more history regarding the site, they can hire a tour guide while exploring the building. It is said the construction was done in two phases by two aristocrats namely Chinezen and Khouw Tjeng Kie. The first construction was done in 1906 and it finished in 1910. For the information, the second construction was done in 1925.

At the time, in terms of function, Gedung Juang Tambun was used by the Dutch to conduct a discussion regarding the prisoner exchanges back then. In a nutshell, the building has become a witness of the struggle of Bekasi people in the past. This is why many teachers often bring their students to the site in order to learn such history and appreciate the value of the building.

For others, Gedung Juang Tambun is chosen as the place to conduct photography. Thanks to the distinct architecture design. It makes a perfect background for selfies as well, somehow. Here is the best tip. Visitors should hire a tour guide before heading to the site. Also, they must avoid littering at all cost! Even though carrying foods and drinks are allowed, everyone should take care of the environment while exploring the building.

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How to Get There
For those coming from Bandung City, they can take any available transportation service and head to Gedung Juang Tambut at Bekasi City right away. The first destination is Tambun Selatan Sub-District. Next, they can simply reach Setiadarma Village where the building resides. As for the best route, it is Purbaleunyi Highway and Raya Pantura Street.

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