Columbus Waterpark in Bekasi City, West Java Province

When the long holiday is coming near, people start to think about their vacation destination no? Those, who want to visit Bekasi City, in this case, they must browse any available waterparks to visit late. As for the reference, there is Columbus Waterpark! It is located in Mustika Jaya Sub-District and resides in Mutiara Gading Timur Housing. Even though it is located inside the housing area, outsiders are allowed to visit it as long as they pay the entry fee. In a nutshell, the waterpark offers a superb environment to spend a family recreation. What makes it unique, though?

The Nuance
Hearing the name Columbus, people may recall a famous Italian explorer who found the America Continent. This explains why the waterpark also applies the sailor or explorer concept. Once arriving at the site, tourists may find various water rides and facilities which are related to sailing. The most recognizable one perhaps is the ship replica of Santa Maria (Columbus’ Ship). The fact is there is information related to such person inside the ship! In front of such majestic ship replica, there is a lighthouse as well. As for the pools, the depth is shallow so they are suitable for kids. Not to mention several slides and other water slides reside there.

Exploring Columbus Waterpark
The prime allure in Columbus Waterpark is none other than the Santa Maria. Everyone is allowed to get on the ship replica and take some pictures there as well. Located near to the replica, tourists may also find a fort-like water ride which is called the Puerto. In fact, it features water slides! However, this water ride features a deeper pool as compared to others. That means only adults or experienced kids can safely enjoy the ride.

Aside from water rides, Columbus Waterpark also comes with other fun facilities especially the flying fox. With this, tourists can witness the panorama from up there without worries. Have no worries. Even kids are able to enjoy the activity due to the excellent safety provided by the management. What is more? There are also Volley Beach, Euro Bungee, Creek Island, De Magma, and much more! Make sure to try them all, therefore!

Once spending some time playing water, tourists should not forget to rest for a while and order foods or drinks at the canteen. The menu varies and the price is cheap! What they need to consider is only the time of visit. It is recommended to come at regular days instead of during weekends or holidays. The purpose is to avoid an overcrowded situation and overpriced menu at the canteen.

Nearby Attractions

  • Gading Timur Square
  • Pasar Kembang
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How to Get There
The distance between Bandung City and Columbus Waterpark is 125 km. That means the trip may take around 2 hours and 18 minutes to get to the site. What they need to do is to head to Mustika Jaya Sub-District and visit Mutiara Gading Timur Housing right away. The waterpark resides in such area, after all. Here is the tip. Make sure to use Purbaleunyi Highway and Pantura Street for a faster trip.

Where to Stay

  • Santika Hotel
  • Danau Indah Hotel
  • Win Grand Hotel
  • Merapi Merbabu Hotel

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