Summarecon Mall in Bekasi City, West Java Province

For some people, visiting natural attractions is the best choice to spend a weekend. For others, though, they choose to visit a nearby mall or shopping center. The second choice is not a bad idea, actually. Even Bekasi City has a famous mall called Summarecon! The location is in Marga Mulya Village and it belongs to Bekasi Utara Sub-District. As people may expect, they can explore the mall for numerous activities like hanging out, shopping, eating, enjoying entertainment, and much more! Thanks to the complete facilities and events. The mall satisfies all visitors regardless of the time of visit!

The Nuance
Many people also call it SMB. It is considered the best shopping and entertainment center in Bekasi City! The total retail area is more than 60,000 meters per square and it comes with approximately 167 shops! Not to mention many famous tenants operate there, so tourists can freely explore the building to find what they need. As for the most favorite places, they are Bekasi Food City, Food Temptation, and the Downtown Walk. Do not forget the mall also comes with an atrium where many exhibitions and events are held.

Exploring Summarecon Mall
Shopping becomes the main reason why many people (including the locals and tourists) come to Summarecon Mall. There are many floors and stands to explore, after all. In the Downtown Walk, for example, visitors can find various restaurants and eateries. Even a local ATM also resides on this floor. Next, there is the GF or ground floor where visitors can find numerous clothing and accessories stores. This floor is indeed suitable for those who love fashion, especially women.

At the first floor, visitors can find hardware stores and branded products! Even barbershops and department stores also reside there. Thus, make sure to carry extra money when visiting this area. At the second floor, tourists may find various tenants including entertainment center like Timezone and Toysmart. What about the third floor? Well, more food tenants and restaurants operate there. The good thing this area offers a more beautiful view and nuance.

Aside from shopping, people come to Summarecon Mall in order to hang out with friends. Many facilities are available especially benches, after all. Also, during a special occasion, the management holds an open school at the downtown hall. At the time, visitors can watch entertaining musical performance and dances done by local schools working together with the mall’s management. Thus, always look for the information regarding the schedule first before visiting the mall. Do not forget to carry extra money to buy good stuff there.

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How to Get There
The distance between Bandung City (the capital of West Java Province) and Summarecon Mall is 133 km. That means the trip may take around 2 hours and 3 minutes to get to the location. It can even be faster if tourists take Purbaleunyi and Raya Pantura Street. Have no worries. The mall is quite noticeable as the location is on the roadside.

Where to Stay

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