Marunda Beach in Bekasi City, West Java Province

For those who are looking for more vacation destinations in Indonesia, they can choose Marunda Beach. As the name suggests, the location is in Marunda Village and it belongs to Cilincing Sub-District of Bekasi. Here is the unique part. The beach resides in the border between North Jakarta and Bekasi City! Even though it takes some time to get to the site (passing through a local settlement), no one would regret visiting the beach. Not only it is a nice place for a family recreation, but the site also becomes a center of mangrove restoration and study which is done by the local government.

The Nuance
Once arriving at Marunda Beach, tourists may find many features including the local houses. As mentioned before, the location is near to the local village. In terms of nuance, it looks merrier than other beaches due to the presence of local fishermen and tons of visitors. Thanks to the strategic location. That means tourists can also see many traditional boats passing by there. The next noticeable feature is the formation of mangroves scattered in some parts of the beach. Also, there is a pier where the famous Cinta Bridge resides. That spot is considered the best to enjoy sightseeing and photography, for sure.

Exploring Marunda Beach
The best allure in Marunda Beach is perhaps the location, which is near to a local settlement. That means it offers an easy accessibility and better facilities as compared to other beaches. Many villagers are also often seen on the site and they are always ready to help tourists. Even though the nuance looks simple and common, the beach offers a distinct beauty. Even a group of mangroves looks exotic and becomes a perfect background for photography. Thus, do not forget to carry a camera while visiting the beach later.

The only disappointment is the absence of sandy shoreline, as the local government decided to build concretes at the sides of the beach. The purpose is to prevent it from getting sea abrasion. Due to the reason, tourists aren’t able to experience beach walking in a perfect manner. Instead, visitors can simply sit by the shore and watch the sea panorama comfortably.

Commonly, many people come to Marunda Beach to get to the Cinta Bridge. It is considered the most recognizable object as compared to others, after all. At the location, people usually enjoy sightseeing, relaxation, and even fishing. Some teenagers also take advantage of the bridge for dating in the afternoon, in fact! So, make sure to get to the bridge when visiting Marunda later. Do not forget to carry a camera as well!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Bandung City, a trip to Marunda Beach takes approximately 2 hours and 21 minutes as the distance is 154 km. For a faster trip, tourists can take Purbaleunyi and Raya Pantura Street. Once arriving at Bekasi City, they should directly head to Cilincing Sub-District which is near to the border of North Jakarta.

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