Bekasi Town Square in Bekasi City, West Java Province

A simple relaxation helps everyone to get rid of stresses caused by daily routines. In this case, the best way to overcome the problem is none other than recreation. It doesn’t have to be a long trip, as people can simply visit a nearby square. For those living in Bekasi, their destination should be Bekasi Square or Alun-Alun Bekasi. It is located in Marga Jaya Village and belongs to Bekasi Selatan Sub-District. The good thing is it resides in the midst of the city, so everyone is able to access the location without hassles.

The Nuance
Despite the great accessibility, the location is a little bit secluded. It is because the square is surrounded by a housing and cluster, so tourists need to ask for a direction from nearby people first. As for the nuance, the site offers both comfortable and serene ambiance. Thanks to the excellent maintenance and lush trees. The square also features some facilities including benches, gazebos, trash bins, and a monument. For further information, it is better to explore the site thoroughly later. Also, there is a path for tourists to walk comfortably during the exploration!

Exploring Bekasi Town Square
Even though most people recognize Bekasi Town Square as the place for relaxation, the site itself owns an interesting history for everyone to learn. It is said the park became the witness of convicts’ execution back then. No wonder, the local government decided to build a monument on the park in order to recall such grieving event. For further information related to the history, tourists should ask the guide or nearby villagers though. Have no worries. It costs nothing to get such information.

After learning the history of Bekasi Square and Perjuangan Monument, it is the time to enjoy relaxation on the site. The good thing is people would have a good time at the square regardless of the time of visit. In the morning, for example, they are able to feel the refreshing atmosphere and fresher air as compared to other occasions. In the afternoon, the ambiance is quite perfect for relaxing and doing sports. What about in the evening? It becomes the best place to gather with friends and hang out with others.

As for the tip, everyone should not forget to carry some cash when visiting Bekasi Square. Why is that? They might use it to buy foods and drinks from the local food vendors, after all. The most famous snack is called Batagor! Make sure to try such delicious foods while enjoying the nuance of the park later. Another important tip is related to the date. For a merrier atmosphere, it is recommended to come either during weekends or holidays!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from Bandung City, they need to spend at least 2 hours and 7 minutes to get to Bekasi Square. After all, the distance is 131 km. For a faster trip, it is recommended to take Purbaleunyi Highway and Raya Pantura Street, though. Once they get to Bekasi City, their next destination is Bekasi Selatan Sub-District. Lastly, they can directly head to Marga Jaya Village where the square resides.

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  • Odua Hotel
  • Arjuna Hotel
  • Airy Hotel

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