Traditional Foods of Bekasi City in West Java Province

Many motives inspire people to conduct a vacation in a beautiful country like Indonesia. One of them is related to culinary, without a doubt. Let’s take an example in Bekasi City of West Java Province. Tourists may find tons of local snacks and foods to enjoy. These include Sayur Gabus Pucung, Bandeng Rorod, Kue Rangi, Dodol, Betawi, and much more. Even Bekasi has a signature drink called Bir Pletok! Thus, tourists should not miss any of them while visiting the region later. After all, everyone needs to rest and eat something before continuing their trip, no?

The Best Place to Get Them
Before discussing more regarding those foods, it is better to know where people can get them first. Usually, tourists might buy them at the hotel where they are staying. The only problem is that the cost is more expensive as compared to buying at local eateries. For instance, the best recommendation is at Harapan Indah Street. The location is in Medan Satria Village, actually. Many snack and food vendors operate there, so tourists can easily find what they need. Not to mention the price is more affordable! Plus, the nuance is better!

For those who love eating vegetables and fishes, they should try Bekasi’s Sayur Gabus Pucung. In fact, it has become the signature dish of the region. The main ingredient is snakehead murrel and it features traditional spices especially Pangium edule. No wonder, the broth becomes black and has a unique savory taste. As an alternative, tourists should try Bandeng Rorod. The main ingredient of this one is milkfish. Unlike others, it doesn’t have any fish bones due to an excellent cooking method. Not to mention the taste is superb!

What is next? When it comes to snacks, Bekasi City has various choices including Kue Rangi. This coconut cake tastes well and has a texture which is similar to that of Pukis cake. The cake also comes with brown sugar sauce, which makes it sweet to eat! The next popular cake is called Kembang Goyang. This one has a crispy texture and becomes a perfect souvenir for those who visit Bekasi. As the name suggests, “Kembang” means flower, so the cake comes in the shape of a flower.

What about traditional drinks? Well, Bekasi City has Bir Pletok. Despite the name, which includes beer in it, the drink doesn’t involve any alcohol. That means everyone is allowed to enjoy it including Moslem. It tastes sweet and rich, due to the presence of various local spices especially ginger and cinnamons. Overall, tourists can find more foods and drinks in Bekasi. What they need to do is to explore the region and ask for information from their local guide!

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How to Get There
Tourists get the best experience in enjoying those foods if they come to Bekasi City directly. For the information, from Bandung City, the trip may take approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes. It is because the distance is 133 km. Once arriving at Bekasi, the best destination is definitely Harapan Indah Street. Do not forget to come with families, so the nuance becomes merrier while eating!

Where to Stay

  • Asa Hotel
  • Green Hotel
  • Aston Imperial Hotel
  • Amaroosa Hotel
  • Horison Hotel

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