Kliningan Tanji Performance in Bekasi City, West Java Province

Those who live in Bekasi City must have been familiar with a tradition called Kliningan Tanji. Some people consider it the same as Tanjidor, but it is quite different. This one is the combination of the Sundanese and Betawi culture and often performed during local weddings. The purpose is none other than to provide a better merriment to the event. Some villagers also conduct it during circumcision ceremonies. The good news is tourists are also allowed to watch and join the performance, as long as they get the permission from the master of the event.

The Nuance
There is a reason why many people consider Kliningan Tanji is the same as Tanjidor. It is because these performances involve similar musical instruments. However, Kliningan Tanji features more complex arts including Gamelan Salendro. Not to mention it involves Juru Sekar (traditional singers) called Wira Swara and Sinden. This explains why this one is merrier and more interesting to watch. In fact, it also involves a traditional dance called Japin! Another difference is related to the attire. Usually, the performers may wear striking color fabrics like pink!

More about Kliningan Tanji Performance
Two common musical instruments used in Kliningan Tanji Performance are Trombone and Pliston. Also, it uses violins! Aside from these, as mentioned before, the performance involves Gamelan Salendro (a group of traditional singers and musicians). The combination of these features indeed makes a perfect entertainment for tourists to enjoy while visiting Bekasi City, no? The only consideration is related to the schedule. That means tourists must know the exact date of the performance before visiting Bekasi. They can ask the local guide, actually.

For the information, Kliningan Tanji has become the part of local weddings. The purpose is either as an entertainment or a vital requirement of the procession. Therefore, tourists can look for available local wedding ceremonies where such tradition is often held. As an alternative, they can come during circumcision events. What about outsiders or those who never come to Bekasi? In this case, hiring a local guide is quite recommended.

The good thing is tourists are allowed to join the event thoroughly. They are even allowed to carry a camera and collect some photos during the performance. As long as they do not disturb the procession, they can do almost anything. Actually, the local guide may tell them thoroughly regarding the tradition and its history. Thus, never forget to get one. As an alternative, tourists can come with a villager who knows more about the performance. It is even possible to play one of the instruments after the event is done!

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How to Get There
In order to get the best experience in watching Kliningan Tanji Performance, tourists should come to Bekasi City. The distance is 133 if they come from Bandung City, actually. That means the trip may take approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes. It can even be faster if they take Purbaleunyi Highway and Pantura Street.

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