Hok Lay Kiong Pagoda in Bekasi City, West Java Province

The presence of the Chinese culture in Indonesia is considered significant. This explains why many cities have their beautiful pagoda and shrines where the Chinese descents conduct worshipping. In Bekasi City, for example, there is Hok Lay Kiong Pagoda. The location is in Margahayu Village and it belongs to Bekasi Timur Sub-District. The prime function is definitely to accommodate Tionghoa believers for worshipping. However, these days, tourists also take advantage of the site to spend a weekend or holiday. These people come to watch the Chinese doing the worshipping and explore the pagoda for its unique architecture, after all.

The Nuance
Here is an impressive fact. Hok Lay Kiong Pagoda has been there more than 350 years old. However, it remains in a good conduction due to an excellent maintenance. The only consideration is the location. The pagoda resides in a narrow and secluded alley, so tourists should spend some time to find the site. The good thing is it has a striking red color, so everyone may notice it right away. The Chinese believe that red color symbolizes a fortune, after all. Not only the building has a beautiful color, but it also comes with unique ornaments like small dragon statues located on the roof of the gate.

Exploring Hok Lay Kiong Pagoda
Some people decide to visit Hok Lay Kiong Pagoda to learn more information regarding the site. For instance, it includes the name! According to the locals, the meaning is a palace that attracts fortune. This explains why many people believe that they can get a better fortune once visiting the pagoda. They don’t even need to pray, as the place gives a lucky aura to them. Not all people believe in such kind of thing, though.

For first-timers, they need to know the best time to visit Hok Lay Kiong Pagoda. Have no worries. They can ask the tour guide regarding the best schedule. It is said the pagoda is quite crowded either on the first day or 16th day each month (based on the Chinese calendar). It is because the Chinese come to the site to perform their regular worshipping.

It is true everyone is allowed to enter the pagoda regardless of their religion and from where they come. Still, all guests should not spoil the environment and cause too much noise there. After all, Hok Lay Kiong Pagoda is a sacred place, so all people should give respect to it. Also, it is recommended to hire a local guide who can explain thoroughly regarding the parts of the pagoda. For instance, there is an altar called Kwan In Posat where worshippers often pray for a soul mate!

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How to Get There
The distance between Bandung City and Hok Lay Kion Pagoda is 130 km. That means a trip to the location may take around 2 hours and 21 minutes. Have no worries. Tourists can take Purbaleunyi Highway and Raya Pantura Street for a faster trip. Their first destination is none other than Bekasi City. Next, they only need to get to Bekasi Timur Sub-District and head to Marghahayu Village immediately.

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