Muara Gembong Beach in Bekasi City, West Java Province

Several beautiful beaches reside in the north part of Bekasi City. One of them is called Muara Gembong Beach, which represents the name of the region itself (Muara Gembong Sub-District). The location is near to Muara Beting Beach, actually. That means tourists are able to visit two different beaches at once during the visit! Not to mention the nuance is peaceful enough to enjoy relaxation and family recreation. Also, the number of visitors is low! Everyone can feel like spending a vacation on a private beach. What they need is the right direction to get to the site. In this case, a help from a tour guide is a good idea!

The Nuance
The first impression in Muara Gembong Beach is definitely the lush mangroves. It is because the beach resides in Ujung Krawang Protected Forest area, so tourists may lots of mangrove trees there. If necessary, they can drop by in the forest and witness more than 20 types of mangroves including Rhizopora and Avicenna. In terms of nuance, as mentioned before, the beach is peaceful due to its secluded location. The waves are low and the shoreline is sloping. Tourists can even rent a traditional boat and explore both the beach and mangroves comfortably!

Exploring Muara Gembong Beach
Maura Gembong is the prime beach of the region. So, what can tourists find on the site? The most impressive feature is definitely the presence of lush mangroves. Tourists can even visit a nearby protected mangrove forest from that beach easily. Moreover, the location is near to other beaches especially Beting. That means tourists can get to one beach to others in no time. What a great way to spend a holiday!

Exploration is one thing. The next recommended activity to do in Muara Gembong Beach is none other than photography. Thus, everyone should not forget to carry a camera when visiting the beach later. Aside from taking photos of the sea scenery and mangroves, tourists can get more interesting objects like exotic animals that live in the forest. The most famous one is the group of Lutung Hitam! They only come at a specific time, though. Therefore, it is better to come with a local guide who can tell the best time to reach those animals.

In terms of facilities, Muara Gembong Beach offers toilets, parking area, nearby inns, and a small mosque. Another allure perhaps is the presence of local cultivation center for fishes, seaweed, and shrimp. Have no worries. Tourists can enter the site freely, as long as they do not cause havoc during the visit.

Nearby Attractions

  • Muara Beting Beach
  • Tanjung Pakis Beach
  • Muara Blacan Mangroves
  • Kramat River
  • Muara Gembong Farm
  • Muara Bendera Beach

How to Get There
The distance between Bandung City and Muara Gembong Beach is 166 km. That means the trip may take about 3 hours and 28 minutes to get to the location. As for the best route, it is recommended to take Purbaleunyi Highway. Once arriving at Bekasi City, tourists can simply head to Muara Gembong Sub-District where the beach resides.

Where to Stay

  • Sejahtera Hotel
  • Santika Hotel

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