Taman Buaya Indonesia Jaya in Bekasi City, West Java Province

For those visiting Bekasi City, they should not forget to drop by in Taman Buaya Indonesia Jaya or the crocodile park! As people expect, they may see numerous crocodiles at such captive breeding site. The location is in Sukaragam Village and it belongs to Serang Baru Sub-District. The fact is Indonesia Jaya Crocodile Park is the biggest one in Southeast Asia! No wonder, the site is crowded by both local tourists and foreigners especially during a holiday. For the information, it opens early in the morning at 8 am and closes at 4 pm. People visit the site to see those majestic crocodiles directly and enjoy some performances or attractions done by the animal tamers and their crocs!

The Nuance
Once arriving at this Indonesia site, the first object to notice is none other than the crocodile statue. It is indeed big and features the name sign under it. What about the inside of the park? According to the management, more than 500 crocodiles live there! They come with a distinct size and condition, as well. In terms of species, most of them belong to Sumatran Estuary Crocs. Other species include Kalimantan’s long-snouted crocs and Irian crocs. Have no worries. It is safe to enter the park and watch those reptiles directly. The management has built safe and sturdy fences to prevent any misfortunes, after all.

Exploring Taman Buaya Indonesia Jaya
Even though not all parents like to bring their kids to a scary place, Taman Buaya Indonesia Jaya can be an exception. It is because the site is safe due to the presence of reliable cages and facilities. That means visitors can watch those crocodiles in a comfortable and safe manner. So, is it only sightseeing? Aside from watching and taking pictures of those reptiles directly, visitors can also watch occasional attractions done by the management. In this case, everyone should know the schedule first before coming to the site.

The next common thing to do in Taman Buaya Indonesia Jaya is to learn the breeding procedure. That means tourists have the chance to watch the hatching eggs of these reptiles directly! However, it is done in Tangerang and people need to get a special permission in order to make a documentation related to such breeding. For the information, the youngest crocodile living there is 15 years old. As for the oldest, it is 55 years old.

For visitors, it is also important to learn the history of Taman Buaya Indonesia Jaya. It is said the park has been there since 1990. It has undergone several improvements, so the condition gets better over time. There are, in fact, 5 prime pools available on where more than 500 crocs living healthily.

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How to Get There
From Bandung City or the capital of West Java Province, a trip to Taman Buaya Indonesia Jaya may take around 2 hours and 26 minutes. It is because the distance is 120 km. For a faster trip, it is recommended to take Purbaleunyi Highway. Also, tourists should take the best transportation service to get to the location.

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