Dharma Jaya Vihara in Bekasi City, West Java Province

More people are into religious tourism these days. That means they are looking for new places like temples, vihara, and other sacred sites to explore. For those coming to Bekasi City, in this case, they should drop by in Dharma Jaya Vihara! The location is in Bojong Rawalumbu Village and it belongs to Rawalumbu Sub-District. Regularly, the vihara accommodates the local Chinese when it comes to worship. However, it also becomes a nice alternative to spend a vacation these days. In fact, tourists are allowed to enter the vihara regardless of the time and their religion.

The Nuance
Like other viharas, Dharma Jaya applies a stunning red color to almost all its parts. There is even a place of prayer located outside, coming with two roof ornaments (having the shape of a bird and dragon). In terms of size, the Vihara has the total area of 300 meters per square. It is said the place is able to accommodate up to 50 worshippers! Another noticeable feature is the strong incense aroma, used by the worshippers during the procession. The good thing is the vihara is well-maintained, so it looks clean and comes in a good condition.

Exploring Dharma Jaya Vihara
It is common sense. Most people come to Dharma Jaya Vihara to conduct worshipping (especially local Chinese). Despite the fact, many people also come to the site in order to enjoy exploration and photography. It is because they are attracted in the architecture of the building. For instance, it is on the entrance of the vihara where two lion statues reside. Their name is Bao Gu Shi! Visitors usually take photos in front of them, as well.

For the information, another name is Sin Tek Bio Vihara. The building consists of 28 altars! 14 of them are located on the second floor (surrounded by lots of statues) while the rest of them are located in the ground floor. In the primary altar, tourists may find the statue of Kongco Hok Tek Cen Sin. He is the God of Earth, actually. Not to mention it is the most crowded altar and has become the main allure in the vihara.

Those who come to Dharma Jaya Vihara are also interested in the history of the site. It is said the name was Het Kong Sie Huis Tek. The name changed to Sin Tek Bio or Dharma Jaya in 1982 due to the negative view of the locals toward the Chinese. Have no worries. The government has eradicated such kind of issue. That means everyone is able to visit the vihara comfortably regardless of the status and religion.

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How to Get There
From Bandung City, a trip to Dharma Jaya Vihara may take around 2 hours and 25 minutes. It is because the distance is 133 km. Have no worries. This trip becomes faster if tourists take Purbaleunyi Highway and Raya Pantura Street. Their prime destination is definitely Bojong Rawalumbu Village where the vihara is located.

Where to Stay

  • Sakura Nayuta Guesthouse
  • Gandamanah Hotel
  • Kebun Indah Inn

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