Parigi Waterfall in Bekasi City, West Java Province

Not many people expect that Bekasi City also has a beautiful waterfall like Parigi. For the information, the location is in Cikiwul Village and it belongs to Bantargebang Sub-District. It is quite refreshing news that a big city has such natural attraction for tourists to visit. Even citizens often take advantage of the waterfall to relieve stresses and conduct a family recreation. The exact location is beside Villa Nusa Indah Housing. With such strategic location, everyone is able to reach the site without hassles. Not only visitors can enjoy relaxation, but they can also do other fun activities like photography and exploration.

The Nuance
What about the nuance? Parigi Waterfall is located in the midst of a city in Indonesia. No wonder, it doesn’t offer a pristine nuance as those waterfalls which are located in a secluded area. In terms of size, the waterfall is short but it comes with a unique widened appearance. This explains why many people call it a mini version of Niagara Falls! Beneath the waterfall, tourists may find big rocks on where they can climb and sit. Even though the site features a natural pond, it is not suitable for bathing due to the murky water.

Exploring Parigi Waterfall
Photography becomes the prime activity that tourists might enjoy in Parigi Waterfall. Thanks to the unique appearance of the waterfall. Tourists can get lots of stunning photos there. Even outsiders have acknowledged the uniqueness of it. They call it the mini version of Niagara Falls! The shape is wide instead of tall. Still, unlike Niagara, the water discharge is considered small to moderate. Also, the only attractive object to capture is the waterfall itself. It is because the pond and the river don’t look too great or clean.

Most people also come to Parigi Waterfall in order to rest for a while before continuing their trip. That means they take advantage of the nuance to relax and drop by before heading to other vacation spots. It is true they do not need to pay entry ticket to get to the site. However, it takes some money to pay the parking fee. After all, some local teenagers guard the parking area during their spare time. This is an important expense, so everyone should pay it.

For those who never come to Parigi Waterfall before, they need to pay attention to several things before heading to the site. The most important one is related to the weather. The best time is definitely during a good weather, so tourists can comfortably explore the location. However, some people choose to come during a rainy day as they want to see a stronger water discharge of the waterfall!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Bandung City, a trip to Parigi Waterfall may take around 2 hours and 45 minutes. It is because the distance is 138 km. What tourists need to do is to get to Bekasi City right away and head to Bantargebang Sub-District right away. From there, the last destination is Cikiwul Village where the waterfall resides. As for the best route to take, it is Purbaleunyi Highway and Raya Pantura Street.

Where to Stay

  • Lotta Sera Hotel
  • Gandamanah Hotel
  • Airy Hotel
  • Razha Guesthouse

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