Hijau Pekayon Park in Bekasi City, West Java Province

Another recommended park is available for tourists to visit in Bekasi City. The name is Hijau Pekayon Park and the location is in Bekasi Selatan Sub-District. To be exact, the park resides in Pekayon Jaya Village. The locals have been coming to the site to enjoy numerous fun activities like hanging out, photography, relaxation, and family recreation. After all, the park provides numerous facilities and the size is quite accommodating. Plus, the atmosphere is perfect for lessening and getting rid of stresses. This explains the park never loses visitors regardless of the time, especially in the morning and afternoon.

The Nuance
The park itself has the size of 3000 meters per square, but the total area is about 4980 per square. Once arriving at the park, tourists may find an ample parking area right away. Also, they may see a comfy jogging track that surrounds the site. When it comes to facilities, the park features beautiful plants and flowers. Plus, some fun facilities also reside there including a basketball court, sand playground, gazebos, and much more. Not to mention some lighting are installed all around the park, so the site becomes so beautiful at night!

Exploring Hijau Pekayon Park
Before exploring the park, tourists should know a little bit history regarding the site. It is said the name was HIPI Park and it was built in 2003. The name changed after the local government assigned it as one of the best parks in Bekasi City. At the time, the purpose is to increase the serenity and landscape quality of Pondok Pekayon Indah area. However, these days, people keep coming to the park and consider it as a new vacation spot to visit during weekends or regular days.

As for the tourist activities, most visitors come to the park to enjoy relaxation. They simply sit and enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of the site. The next common thing to do is to enjoy a family recreation. Local parents often come to the site with their kids and spend a good time at there. Fortunately, Hijau Pekayon Park offers a kids’ playground! For those who love sports, they can even play a basketball game in the available court.

For those who want a more relaxing experience, they must take advantage of the gazebos. It costs nothing to use the facility, after all. Visitors are even allowed to carry foods and enjoy eating together with families at that location. One thing, littering is highly prohibited so everyone should take care of the trash after eating. After all, the park represents the pristine and cleanliness in Bekasi City!

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How to Get There
From Bandung City, a trip to Hijau Pekayon Park may take approximately 2 hours and 28 minutes. It is because the distance is 134 km. Once arriving at Bekasi City, tourists only need to get to Bekasi Selatan Sub-District. Lastly, they can simply reach Pekayon Jaya Village where the park resides.

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