Calung Dalengket Tradition in Bekasi City, West Java Province

Bekasi City has some interesting traditions for tourists to enjoy including Calung Dalengket. This one makes the region more attractive and becomes a nice vacation destination during holidays in Indonesia. So, what is it about? In a nutshell, the tradition was born due to the influence of Betawi culture in West Java Province. This musical performance is done in a group by local musicians and they play a different musical instrument. Usually, the locals conduct the show after the harvest season. Not only it becomes an act of gratitude, it also entertains everyone including tourists.

The Nuance
Calung Dalengket is performed on a stage by a group. These include both men and women, actually. The members consist of 9 people and each of them plays a distinct musical instrument. For the information, the ninth member is a backup. The leader plays flute, which is called Toleat. Not to mention this player is the oldest as compared to other members. The unique thing is the performance doesn’t involve any singer! Despite the fact, it is quite entertaining and hypnotizing. The nuance even feels so unique!

More about Calung Dalengket
Cikarang Timur Sub-District (which was once Lemah Abang) is the center of Calung Dalengket. Thus, tourists should come here if they want to watch the performance in an easier manner. Here is the tip. It is better to come after the harvest season, as the locals only perform it during such occasion. For first-timers, they can also hire a local guide to find out the exact schedule and the place where the event is held. This person may explain the history and further information regarding the tradition, so it is considered a worthy expense.

According to the locals, the committee conducts Calung Dalengket in a competitive system. That means several groups would participate and give the best effort to get the number one position. Despite the fact, all of them are free to wear any type of attire. Plus, there is no official judge. It is because the audience may determine the one who is suitable to be the winner at the end of the event. Even tourists can also give their opinion!

The purpose of conducting Calung Dalengket Tradition is both as an entertainment and gratitude toward God’s abundant crops. Not many people believe that it also attracts outsiders and tourists over time. This is why the locals have no problems when strangers come to their village and join the event (even without any permission).

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How to Get There
First, tourists should get to Bekasi City regardless of where they come. If they come from Bandung City, the trip may take about 2 hours and 25 minutes as the distance is 133 km. Once arriving at Bekasi City, the best location to watch Calung Dalengket is in East Cikarang Sub-District. As for the best route, they can take Purbaleunyi Highway and Pantura Street.

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